Diary of a Creep is an obituary to the 90s written as a series of dated entries from a single year, 1998. Covering such topics as movies, television shows, pornography, it’s a chronicle of the failures and embarrassments in the life of Franklin Ya.  Revolving loosely around a small circle of friends in a desert suburb of California, the story builds around Franklin’s relationship with Dani, his best-friend’s girlfriend, from innocent flirtation to a backstabbing Brutus. Scattered throughout are entries from lists of various 90s pop culture, menu excerpts, capsule movie reviews, and other random bits.  Modeled after Sei Shonagon’s Pillow BookDiary of a Creep is a modern, end-of-the-century diary as written by a down-and-out Korean American pervert living in a California desert.

Copies are now available at

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